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    Urethane floor paint

    Protective Special Coatings Melbourne

    Tuscany Services specialises in protective Special Coating will be the perfect solution for your needs.
    This is the reason why we are going to introduce amazing new products with particular coatings ready to help you repair and improve your floors however you need them too.

    Our products:
    Polyurethane coating: Polyurethane paints are, in fact, a type of product with a very high mechanical resistance and excellent chemical-physical qualities, which make them chemically resistant.

    These types of paints are used by those who need to obtain aesthetic finishes of great workmanship. They have great versatility and drying times are short.

    Epoxy coating: This is able to withstand even the harshest temperatures, and also manages to have a great resistance to all chemical components such as acids or oils and also to corrosion.

    Urethane coating: As polyurethane coatings, these coatings have both high mechanical and chemical qualities.

    Why an Epoxy floor:

    Better hygiene, safety and moisture blocking for your floors these products are exactly what you need.

    Why choosing our Special Coatings:

    • Easy and quick to apply
    • Quick drying will optimize time
    • Versatile products for both a more attractive appeal and a deeper protection
    • Easy to clean and to maintain
    • Interior Rendering
    • Chemically resistant flooring

    If you want to know more about our new products and what is the best option for you and your needs please contact us: fill in the form and we will respond as soon as possible!


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